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Estate Sales Specialization and Home Organizing


Hello I'm Sandra, the founder of HomeState.

I was inspired to launch my own business as an Estate Sales Specialist to help those overwhelmed with organizing their home or liquidating their estates.

Drawing on my own personal experience of minimizing my bulkier assets for a cross-country move (twice), I coupled my passion for helping people with my professional sales experience and created HomeState.

Dedicated to providing the most compassionate care, HomeState is driven by the need to provide sustainable solutions through recycling & up-cycling unwanted possessions.

Let's Repurpose

Recycle & Reuse

(And make some money along the way)

At HomeState, we're convinced that every discarded item can be found a new loving home. If we can't sell it, we work with organizations directly tied to social services dedicated to helping those most in need.

In addition to offering Estate & Moving Sales Services, we provide clients with less inventory, virtual sales assistance. And for those in need of reorganize their nests, home organization relief. 


My Services

Reclaimed Treasures